10 Marriage Truths That You Must Know


Are you getting married? The Bible says, and I paraphrase, that we are to count the cost of any venture that we are about to enter into. Too many people get married without preparing for some of its realities.

What does it mean to be married?

1. It means you take responsibility for another human being’s well being and happiness. Naturally you expect the same treatment, but you do not demand it.

2. It means that you give your spouse the best of “you”: your best smile, your best attitude, your best cooking, the best of your emotional energy; they have nowhere else to go.

3. It means that you both honor your marriage covenant as just that, a covenant, not just a fad, the thing to do because you fell in love; or the thing to throw away when times get tough.

4. It means realizing that you are not going to agree with your spouse, on everything, at every point in time. There are many minor points that you may never agree on. “Irreconcilable differences” are a part of marriage.

5. It means not thinking that you know all about marriage, simply because you are married. Therefore learn everything, you can, from books, classes, conferences and mentors.

6. It means doing your level best to make a life of peace for your spouse.

7. It means being a united front with your spouse. It is “bad for business” if you work for planned parenthood, and your spouse is an anti abortion-rights activist. Something has to give.

8. It means realizing that you are a reflection of each other and all of a sudden, you need to realize that what you do impacts your spouse. You are the husband of x; you are the wife of y.

9. It means “for better, for worse”. Sometimes “for worse” comes before “for better”.

10. It means that, in the beginning romance drives your love; and later, love drives romance.

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