You are married, you were “in love” once… you used to be so happy, now it feels as though your love has flown away. You still have moments of happiness, but it is not the way that it used to be. You are bored and wondering “How did we get here?” You feel as though you have tried everything to get your marriage to “work“. All of a sudden, what used to be little flaws have become wide gaping faults, causing cracks in the very foundation of your marriage.

Look at your marriage, then look at what you wanted it to be. Down the road from marital stress or health problems, fighting and bickering, extramarital affairs, and a divorce. If you don’t pay attention to your marital issues you are losing out on a happy marriage, a happy family, a happy future, and a happy life. We have been there. The silent treatment. No dates. Perfunctory (if any) sex. Fights and malice. Wanting to save our marriage at all costs, we stepped back looked inwards (and outwards), and became purposeful…

Now, we share these principles that we learned the hard way in our books, programs, membership, and counseling. We have been married for 13 years, and we are doing better than ever.

We have helped others do the same

For six years, we successfully ran a marriage ministry under the auspices of KingsWord international church.

I ask you this, how much is the marriage of your dreams worth? A divorce lawyer can cost anywhere from $15,000-$30,000. Alimony is expensive. The stress of a fractured marriage can lead to multiple health, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems. Through our memberships, you don’t have to go through any of that.

With a monthly membership, this is what you get:

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✓ Low-cost marriage boot camps and webinars.

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You are at the point of decision. You can continue along the road to the slow degradation and death of your marriage, or you can step up to higher ground. Let’s face it, doing the same old thing, will not get you different results. Good marriages are not made in heaven, they are built on earth! If you want the proverbial heavenly marriage, you are going to have to do something other than wishing and hoping. Make a different choice, attain a life-changing outcome!

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Welcome to The Balanced Marriage, the marriage of your dreams.

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