1. Give your spouse one compliment: If you are not used to doing this, do not despair. Start where you are. Make a list of things you like about your spouse and give him or her a “daily dose” of a compliment. Suppose your spouse is loud. Well then, he or she has “vibrant personality”. What if your partner is a drive-you-up-the-wall, neat freak? He or she is “very organized”. Compliments can take all forms. You can find something good in anyone if you look hard enough. It could be her smile, his beard, her quirky laugh, his hard work. Remember, it should not be a lie, or fake.

2. Say I love you and mean it: Do not just say this to say something. Look in your partner’s eyes and say it: I love you.

3. Try your best not go to bed angry with your spouse: The Bible says do not let the sun go down on your anger. If you have issues to work through, do not let that color your whole relationship, like a drop of black paint in a cup of water. Even through the pain, you can resolve to put anger aside while you continue to talk things over and work through your issues. Do not scoot to either side of the bed in a huff! Do not sleep on the couch. If your spouse tries to make you sleep on the couch, don’t do it!

4. Read something on marriage( you can start with this blog): You do not have to pore through a whole textbook on marriage everyday. There are blogs (such as thus one), there are online magazines, there are so many resources from where you can learn about marriage and ways to improve marriage. It is better to read one page a day than zero pages, never.

5. Meet at least one need that you know your spouse has that day: Think of something that your spouse needs, needs done, or wants and prioritize it. You might be doing this already, it is very likely that you are. It may however surprise you to find that this is not always the case, and some spouses use withdrawal of help to punish their spouse for real and imagined slights

6. Kiss for at least 15 seconds: I actually just learned about this a few years and I am putting it into practice. Apparently, 15 seconds is long enough for you not to fake it, and short enough to actually be more meaningful than a just a peck.. 15 seconds while kissing, feels like a long time, believe it or not…

7. Give your spouse permission not to be perfect:
Extend grace to your husband or wife, even when they are not on their best behavior. You would not want someone picking on your every mistake a f flaw, would you? Then don’t do it to your partner.

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